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The Origin Story

Growing up, I was always fascinated by behavior. Why did I just act that way? Where is this fear coming from? Questions like these would run through my head, and they still do. I had an appreciation for psychology and loved coming up with ideas, but none of this would ever materialize into something bigger than myself. I was too scared to try. 

After being diagnosed with a crippling breathing disorder in high school, I had to retrain my body and mind to breathe and behave differently; there was no magic cure or quick fix. It wasn’t until I was older that I learned one of the common underlying causes of this disorder is anxiety. While humbling and incredibly difficult, this experience and epiphany kickstarted my journey of self-development.

I could never find a journal that worked for me — the spiral coil would break, the page design looked cluttered, and they just didn't have any flow. Worst of all, they all lacked a significant self-development focus that I desperately needed. These frustrations ultimately led me to a solution...

In 2021 I founded StarMind with a simple mission: build a reflective journal capable of transforming mindsets for the better. One that had a simple, streamlined design. One that was high quality and built to last. One that could be a pivotal part of your daily routine.

In a few months, I went from a blinking cursor to a hard-cover prototype. Countless hours were spent refining the prototype. Today, you can order your copy and get right to living an insightful, intentional life!

StarMind was largely inspired by the starfish and its unique ability to regenerate limbs when damaged. As you fill out The Guide, let the starfish logo be a simple reminder to continue showing resilience and growth when faced with adversity.

Now go celebrate those small wins and change your life, day-by-day! 

Allie Davenport